Favorite Plugins

The new Favorite feature on WordPress.org is nice. Life is easier now I can quickly find all my favourite plugins that I use regularly. But you know what would be even nicer? If I could install them directly from within my dashboard!

That’s what Favorite Plugins does. Once you install it, you get a new tab called ‘Favorites’ on your plugin install screen. You can then enter your WordPress.org username, click the button, and there are all your favourite plugins ready to go.

The plugin is clever enough to tell you when one of your favourite plugins is already installed, or even needs to be updated.

If you want to use someone else’s favourite plugins, just use their WordPress.org username instead of yours!

Download Favorite Plugins

If you would like to report a bug, or request a feature, you can do so by going to Favorite Plugins on GitHub and creating a new issue.

[Note:] The Favorites tab will likely be in WordPress 3.5, this plugin now utilises the new API, courtesy of Otto42. Follow the core progress on #22002.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Plugins

  1. Alan says:

    What would really be terrific is if you can also update favorites the other way – indicating a “Favorite” from your own plugin dashboard of any site you are in, and then have that sync up to WP.

    • Hi Alan, that would be pretty convenient, but unfortunately the API used to talk to WordPress.org from your WordPress admin doesn’t allow for that so there’s no way to do it at the moment. At least there’s a convenient link to the plugin on WordPress.org, so you can go straight there and ‘Favorite’ it.

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