New Favorites tab in WordPress 3.5

In an amazing coincidence, @Otto42 was working on the Favorite API for last week at the same time I was working on my Favorite Plugins plugin. Neither of us realised until we were both basically done.

Luckily though, this meant I was in the right headspace at the right time to get to work when Otto posted the ticket to Trac ( #22002 ), and a flurry of activity ensued. This feature was apparently something @photomatt had requested be in WordPress 3.5, so it’s great to see it made it in.

However, this does mean my plugin has a very short life. It will currently serve as a preview of the new feature coming in the next WordPress release in a few months, and then it will have no purpose.

Because of this, I’ve just released an update, version 0.6, which brings the plugin into parity with the new feature of WordPress 3.5. This also means you shouldn’t notice any change once you update to 3.5, except that the plugin will quietly bow to the core functionality, and cease to do anything.

I’m excited for WordPress 3.5, and if you are too, get in on the beta testing!