New Plugin: WP Butler

I released a new plugin recently called WP Butler.

Quite some time ago I was trying to think of a plugin to build and release that I would enjoy using, and also maintaining and supporting. I had a few ideas, and one of them was something similar to the Alfred for Mac quick-launch app. As often happens, I got distracted with work and general business. That is, until Jordan Gillman started a thread on WPAustralia’s forums.

This got me re-interested, and when Jordan announced his first run at it, I jumped in and made a few modifications myself too.

I was so excited about it, that I had a Skype call with Jordan to see how he felt about me taking it on, releasing it, and continuing to improve and maintain it. He was keen for that, and so that’s what I’ve done.

So far people seem to be enjoying the idea, and I’ve had a few feature suggestions that have been implemented in the latest version.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment, post on the support forum, or create an issue on GitHub, all of which are linked from


New Favorites tab in WordPress 3.5

In an amazing coincidence, @Otto42 was working on the Favorite API for last week at the same time I was working on my Favorite Plugins plugin. Neither of us realised until we were both basically done.

Luckily though, this meant I was in the right headspace at the right time to get to work when Otto posted the ticket to Trac ( #22002 ), and a flurry of activity ensued. This feature was apparently something @photomatt had requested be in WordPress 3.5, so it’s great to see it made it in.

However, this does mean my plugin has a very short life. It will currently serve as a preview of the new feature coming in the next WordPress release in a few months, and then it will have no purpose.

Because of this, I’ve just released an update, version 0.6, which brings the plugin into parity with the new feature of WordPress 3.5. This also means you shouldn’t notice any change once you update to 3.5, except that the plugin will quietly bow to the core functionality, and cease to do anything.

I’m excited for WordPress 3.5, and if you are too, get in on the beta testing!


Introducing: Favorite Plugins

I realised I need to make more plugins and release them on’s plugin directory, and today I’m releasing Favorite Plugins.

See plugins you favourite on in your WordPress dashboard, and install them easily and quickly.

Read more about it »

Download it »

[Update:] The plugin has been removed. The technique used to fetch the favourites from (site scraping), is a big ‘no no’.

Screenshot of Favorite Plugins disabled on

[Update #2:] The plugin has been re-enabled. By an amazing stroke of chance, Otto was working on the Favourites API at the same time, so I’ve released an update to use that. This feature will likely drop in WordPress 3.5, so grab the plugin to see an early approximation!